Nature Conservation & EAFRD

A big part of Austria's nature conservation is practiced on cultivated land. The EU-initiated program for the development of rural areas is the most important source of financing for the implementation of nature conservation objectives in the rich cultural landscapes of Austria. Compensation payments for obligations in EU protected areas (Natura 2000), premiums for environmentally friendly practices in forest and open areas, as well as educational activities and other nature conservation projects (e.g. river renaturations) can be financed through this program.

This webpage provides a consolidated overview of the parts of the program for rural development which are relevant for nature conservation in Austria as well as information on important, approved projects, specialist literature and other specific information, which is relevant for the implementation and management of projects.

With the help of this network extensive information about the content and the practical implementation of nature conservation measures within rural development can be presented transparently. It shall facilitate a consistent interpretation and a smooth implementation as well as an exchange of experiences between provinces and even countries.